What is SaaS Backup?

    SaaS backup simply refers to the technology that stores and protects data that SaaS products creates. You can regard to as SaaS product as any software licensed out by a third—party vendor and delivered via the cloud rather than being installed on-premises.

    SaaS backup software is designed to store the data in a secondary location, either on-premises or often on a public cloud. In the event that the SaaS product fails, the client information is stored safely. And if the SaaS products fail for any reason, the client will surely recover the data stored by the SaaS backup solution to restore the failed SaaS product to a functional state.

    Other SaaS backup services are designed to integrate with various SaaS software for a comprehensive outlook but lack specific features available in providers who back up particular SaaS product suites.

    The good news is that many SaaS backup solutions’ features are relevant and specific to the software the back. For instance, SaaS backup software to integrate with email systems will feature data archiving features specifically for email. Despite this, there are some primary features you’ll find in a majority of SaaS backup software.

    So, why do businesses needSaaS backup? Organizations that so decide to migrate their business applications to the cloud need to understand that adoption isn’t without challenges. That calls for the need of a SaaS backup strategy when planning to transition to the cloud.

    Today, the vast majority of SaaS backup vendors offer SaaS protection or cloud-to-cloud backup. This method helps protect data in SaaS apps such as Salesforce or Microsoft Office 365 by creating copies and storing them in another public cloud, such as AWS.

    However, you’d be surprised to learn that many customers don’t believe their SaaS data is vital. For this reason they consider backup necessary. The reason is that they think the service provider offers backup automation SaaS services as part of its service package.

    It is worth mentioning that SaaS providers only guarantee uptime for users but not a granular backup that can restore individual files and data that was mistakenly deleted or corrupted.


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