Top Reasons to Leverage iPaaS Solutions

    While searching for the perfect platform to connect your organization’s SaaS apps and on-premises systems, it is normal to settle for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). For those who may not know, this is merely a cloud-based platform that allows you to connect your applications and on-prem systems, typically by their APIs.

    Once they are integrated, you can proceed to build data flows that work across these applications. To put it plainly, iPaaS solutions either move data from one application to another or keep data that lives in multiple systems in sync. Having said that, below are 6the top reasons to invest in iPaaS.

    Meets Different Data Security and Governance Standards

    Many iPaaS vendors tend to meet a variety of important and highly-regarded data security and privacy requirements, such as HIPPA, SOC 2, and GDPR. This has the potential to help ease your legal team’s concerns while you to look to invent in an iPaaS solution. Not to mention, it can meet your customers’ and prospects’ high expectations.

    It is also worth noting that iPaaS solutions allow offer access controls across users. What this simply means is that you can have an administrator who decides which employees to provision as users and what access levels to offer each user.

    It Offers a Positive Integration-Building Experience

    There’s no denying that the process of building integrations in-house can sometimes be extremely time-consuming and resource intensive. It calls for involvement from your dev team, which prevents them from focusing on other business-essential projects. And considering they will need to maintain and enhance the integrations over time, they will be called upon consistently.

    iPaaS solutions offer your dev team an easier way to build and maintain integrations. After all, they can leverage the platform’s pre-built connections while at the same time implementing and troubleshooting any integration through a centralized location.

    Keep in mind iPaaS solutions helps eliminate data silos. In this regard, employees no longer have to hop between apps to find data or manually re-enter it across their systems. This is precisely what you need to help your team save a significant amount of time.


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