Steps to a Perfectly Set Dining Table

    When holding any kind of occasion, inviting friends over for a meal is always a special, but it can also be a challenge. What food should you prepare to satisfy every taste? How should you set your table to subtly express your attention to your guests?

    You don’t have to bring out your best silverware or show off your specialty dish for the occasion to be a success. A successful meal also comes down to the small details and the quality of your service.

    Merely because you’ve invested in the best dining table Singapore, it doesn’t mean you should leave it at that. In this article, we take you through how to set a table and entertain your guests.

    Decorate the Environment

    Even before taking it upon yourself to choose your desired tableware, you need to ensure that the environment is immaculate. You need to tidy up, dust, declutter, and vacuum as needed. Keep in mind that to enjoy a meal, it is essential to have a feeling of space around you.

    If you get the chance to eat outdoors, ensure the table isn’t in full sunshine, shading it if necessary. Moreover, make sure that it’s sheltered from the world and that the ground isn’t cluttered with leaves or other debris.

    Lay the Tablecloths

    Before laying your tablecloth, you need to cover the table with a thick cotton under cloth. This provides some comfort to your guests when resting their arms on the table. It will also dampen noise, such as when you set down your silverware.

    Once you have your under cloth in place, choose your tablecloth depending on the season, your taste and any theme your meal may have. This is ideal time to consider the shape and size of your table. If you have a round dining table Singapore, your tablecloth should be square.

    You need to ensure all the corners of then tablecloth cover part of the table’s legs. If your table have a central post, this will be much easier. The tablecloth should hang down 8 to 16 inches from the table.

    Perfectly setting up your dining table in Singapore doesn’t have to be stressful. While a lot goes into setting a table, mastering the basics can serve as a good starting point. There is nothing wrong with learning from the best when you seem to be missing on anything.


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